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RUN LOLA RUN (1998), by Tom Tykwer

You will get marked on your ability to organise your ideas into paragraphs and to extend those ideas. This means that in order to demonstrate your organisational skills and essay writing skills, you must have an introduction, a conclusion and body paragraphs (more than one is a must – only one body paragraph does not show your ability to organise main points into paragraphs so your score will be lower for coherence and cohesion).

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Chance is a prominent theme portrayed within 'Run Lola Run'.

Movie Run Lola Run Film Studies Essay - UK Essays | …

The spiral represents confusion and difficult choices which Lola and Manni face in all three runs.

You don't have to be a good writer to write well. Writing is a process. By learning to treat writing as a series of small steps instead of a big all-at-once magic trick you have to pull off will make writing a composition much easier and much more fun. You can learn to brainstorm main ideas before you start writing, organize a draft of those main ideas, and revise your composition into a polished essay. See Step 1 for more information.

All three films (coincidentally?) turn out to be an auditory and visual delight, although in vastly different ways. The visuals and music in "Lock, Stock..." are characterized by playfulness. We are treated to such bizarre sights as a bottom-up view of vegetables being dropped into a pan of boiling water; music is used for subtle parody, such as with the use of the "" theme to herald every appearance of a Greek character. "Run Lola Run" is one long music video, combining a wide variety of styles, including freeze frames, split screens and even a dash of animation; the techno soundtrack proves an ideal foil and, what's more, is composed entirely by the director Tom Tykwer, with vocals from star Franka Potente! "Red" is distinguished by sedate, graceful compositions with elegant colors and a variety of visual motifs; Zbigniew Preisner's classical strains complement the film's mood perfectly.

Movie Run Lola Run Film Studies Essay

It is quite noticeable that there is not a substantial amount of dialogue, rather the story is told through images, symbols and motifs.
"I always start with an image" as quoted by Tykwer emphasises his unique ways of depicting his ideas.

It is at this point which gives the green light for Lola to start each of her three runs.

Flash backs
Always blacks
Close up
Speed up
long shot
Flashes of different countries

When Lola thinking:
-Spins round Lola 360 surrounded
-jump cut shots
- Foreshadowing the casino spin

Phone conversation:
Spins around Lola
split screen
cut shot from one to another

Whens she runs:
Colour is more yellow

Papa and girl
- Dramatic
- Hand held camera
- bold and the beautiful
- Soap opera
- over the shoulder

COMPARATIVE Essay structure
Persuades the reader of the strength and accuracy of the argument ( Go back to the thesis statement- use different words.)
- No new points
- No repetition of evidence
-So what?

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Final Draft - Run Lola Run - PDF | Cinematography | Essays

Run Lola Run Analysis Essay - 365 Words

My God (beep)
the congestion here just gets (beep)
worse every day, now what the (beep beep) does
that idiot think he's doing (beep beep and BEEP)
Stanza 3
However, what he enjoyed most of all was when they
went to the late show at the local drive-in, on a clear night
and he could see (beyond the fifty-foot screen where
giant faces forever snarled screamed or make
incomprehensible and monstrous love) a pure
unadulterated fringe of sky, littered with stars
o-one had got around to fixing up yet:
he'd watch them
circling about in luminous groups like kids at the circus
who never go quite close enough to the elephant to get kicked.
Stanza 4 &5
Anyway, pretty soon he was old enough to be
realistic like every other godless
money-hungry back-stabbing miserable
and then it was goodbye stars and the soft
cry in the corner when no-one was looking because
I'm telling you straight, Jim, it's Number One every time
for this chicken, hit wherever you see a head and
kick whoever's down
, well thanks for a lovely
evening Clare, it's good to get away from it all
once in a while, I mean it's a real battle all the way
and a man can't help but feel a little soiled, himself,
at times, you know what I mean?

Now take it easy
on those curves, Alice, for God's sake,
I've had enough for one night, with that Clare Jessup,
hey, ease up, will you, watch it -
Stanza 6
Probity & Sons, Morticians,
did a really first-class job on his face
(everyone was very pleased) even adding a
healthy tan he'd never had, living, gave him back for keeps
the old automatic smile with nothing behind it,
winding the whole show up with a
nice ride out to the underground metropolis
permanent residentials, no parking tickets, no taximeters
ticking, no Bobby Dazzlers here, no down payments,
nobody grieving over halitosis
flat feet shrinking gums falling hair.

Six feet down nobody interested.

Blink, blink.

Final Draft - Run Lola Run - PDF ..

Your conclusion should be at least six lines in length!
Overall, it is significantly evident that the distinctively visual plays an important role in Tom Tylwer's, 'Run Lola Run'.

Run lola run essays - Do My Research Paper For Me

Is asking you to do
- Direct words - discuss, analysis , compare
- List key works + ideas ( Brainstorm)
- Number in order of priority - Evidence for each point/ idea
- Construct thesis statements
- Statement that links evidence to theses
( Concluding statement)

How are the visual techniques from your prescribed and chosen text used by the composer to potion the viewed/ receiver to assert the theses of the text ?
How does the opening scene of "Run Lola Run" establish?

Run Lola Run Analysis– Essay writing and typing services

The first time the viewer sees the incorporation of spirals is in the opening sequence, where the animated version of Lola runs through a variation of spirals and subsequent tunnels which turn into spirals.

Run Lola Run Analysis Essay - 975 Words

I think people get confused about having only one idea in a paragraph and having a central theme to the paragraph. For cause and solution essays, it’s the same. One paragraph for causes and one paragraph for solutions. The examiner is actually looking for logically organised ideas and it definitely logical to organise it in that way. Good luck with your results 🙂

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