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Medea got revenge for Jason's desertion by killing the new bride with a poisoned robe and crown which burned the flesh from her body; King Creon died as well when he tried to embrace his dying daughter.

From a 20th century perspective, one might question why in the beginning of the play the Greek audience would choose not to automatically align themselves with Medea.

After the murder of Pelias, Jason and Medea had to flee Iolcus; they settled next in Corinth.

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Medea's identity as a weak woman is emphasised at the very start of the play.

She is depicted as being blameless and suffers the misfortune of being abandoned in a foreign state with children. For example, the nurse that takes care of her at the maternity states, “And her hand, and her home betrayed when she came away with. A man who is now determined to dishonor her. Poor creature, she has discovered by her sufferings,” to express how she feels bad for Medea having to go through her husband’s abandonment after all she sacrificed (Euripides 2). In addition, she is left with no source of income to provide for her family because of being abandoned by her husband (Karuna 221). In response to the devastation, she expresses grief to the extent that she draws the attention of the town dwellers. Medea expresses how devastating it is to experience such a tragedy that she prefers dying than putting up with the pain and anguish involved (James and Johnston 179).

After Medea publicly asserts her own honor, society is forced to question whether Medea is justified in her actions, and if so, does this mean she truly does have honor as Jason’s wife, as a woman, and even as a barbarian....

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Jason is also displayed as a weak hero despite his strong point in being physically attractive. This is because his achievements resulted from the constant assistance he got from women including Medea and the King’s daughter (Roman, Luke and Roman 310). Therefore, the character that scores more points in being the tragic hero is Medea because she plays the crucial role in Jason’s achievements. For example, Medea possesses the heroic features because she kills her husband’s enemies for him. As a result, her destructive and single-minded nature displays her heroism.

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First, literary analysis: in what ways does Euripides challenge conventional Greek drama of the time and why
(focus on the theme ? he chooses to have Medea as heroine).
Second, literary analysis, cultural context: some argue that to understand the tragedy of Medea, one must
first understand the couple?s background. In what way does researching their history (through comparing
varied versions of the myth compared to Euripides) aid and deepen your understanding of the play.
Third, literary analysis with a sociological/psychological Emphasis: the tragedy of Medea was so profound
that her actions became the defining benchmark for analyzing male/female relations in Western culture.
Contrast the political, moral, and cultural principles defined by Euripides to modern women who committed
similar actions.
Fourth: Political sience/sociological/historical approach. The classic view is the ideal ruler must habe
self knowledge, knowledge of the community, and knowledge the gods (i.e., moral knowledge.) Which character
in Medea best fits this model and why? Do Euripides portraits of these virtues habe relevance for today or
Fifth: Literary analysis/art historian: euripides? portrait of Medea is ambiguous ? is the driven mad by
jealousy or is she an agent of justice? Compare and contract portraits of Medea and Jason to Euripides
deamatic portrayal. What does the artist emphasize and why? In order to make a convincing case, you will
need to address he play first ? what analysis, as will reaerch into portraits of Medea?
Write in the present tense on both literature and non-fiction presents ideas.
In introductory paragraphs, have 4 purposes: catch your reader’s attention and ease him/her into the
significance (cultural, moral, etc) of the topic; indicate the title and author of the subject(s) under
discussion; present your thesis. Needs to have a hook: introduces the theme, your angle of vision, and your
voice. Line: a brief summary of the conflict, problem with author and title. Sinker: thesis usually includes
sources of problem/conflict (usually a moral, political, psychological, cultural issue), the consequences,
and/or solution.
The thesis statement indicates both the subject of your argument and the material your will offer as proof
of your opinion. Try to have 2 parts: a ?what? part and a ?how? or ?why? part; for example: Alicia is
accused of being ?undisciplined? and ?a hopeless case.? (what part) Yet, if we compare her failure to the
success of Sophie (how part), we can clearly see how outside forces limit an individual?s ability to live up
to the expectations of the community. (why part)
The first time you mention an author, give the full name; further references, use last name only.
The paper should not be a mere retelling of the action and events, but should analyze how and effect is
created, how a theme or idea is handled, and how meaning emerges and why that idea or theme is significant.
Simply put, what can we learn about the human condition by applying insights offered.

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"The Medea." Euripidean Drama: Myth, Theme and Structure

These are the parties who are the central characters of the play and the plan unfolds into their lives, as well as how the two characters of Jason and Medea turn out to be tragic heroes....

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Women were considered as conservative figures in the ancient Greek era whereby they were expected to fulfill household duties and be under the dominance of men. However, the story of Medea written by Euripides expresses the situation whereby the normal women’s perception by the Greek society is altered by a single female character. The character stands out from the other females by failing to conform to the society’s expectations of women and hence sets a new platform for in which women could flex the perception held by the society. The story of the above title is a play that shows stirs two main characters known as Medea and Jason.

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Medea is Jason’s first wife and she is depicted as being dangerous because of having been involved in crime on her husband’s behalf. Jason leaves Medea for another new wife, who apparently is the daughter of the King known as Creon. Since the devastating incident, Medea suffers from endless grief to the extent of going against her own children since they trigger her reflect on memories of her husband (Stephen, Smith, Brunet and Palaima 322). This is seen where Medea cries, “Ah, I have suffered what should be wept for bitterly. I hate you, children of a hateful mother. I curse you and your father.” This is where Medea shows his hatred towards his children because of her husband.

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The tutor of Mede and Jason’s children brings unpleasant news to Medea when he informs her of the King’s decision to throw her together with her children out of the Corinth city. Medea becomes devastated that she starts crying as she curses her own family (Perry 230). As the King meets with Medea, he reminds her that she is required to leave giving the reason that she is dangerous and is therefore, capable of being a threat to the city. This is expressed by the king as he is talking to Medea when he says, “You are dangerous. All your cleverness shall not keep you here”. However, Medea pleads with the King to give her more time to organize herself before leaving the town. As a result, the king considers her appeal and gives her a day before making her evacuate the place (Peter 3).

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Euripides' Medea was regarded as a dangerous person not so much because of what she did to her children - especially since this is not original to the myth - but because she defended the rights of women and deplored their treatment by men.

↑ Medea: Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy, ..

In this play both Jason and Medea, experience tragic events that they almost appear to be tragic heroes. Medea is displayed as having gone through several troubles especially in the scene where she attempts in formulating a plan to avenge against her cheating spouse (Stephen 212). As the play begins, Medea instantly stirs up sympathy from the viewers when the nurse gives her the devastating news of her husband leaving her for another younger and beautiful princess (Perry 230).

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