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English Idiomatic Expressions | English Harmony

The etymology ofidiom is Greek and it translates to "one of a kind." Idioms arespecial phrases and sentences that are usually different in theliteral meaning from their special meaning. For example, in thesentence, "Mr. Fogg saw red at the sight of all the files strewncarelessly about," the phrase "saw red" does not mean heliterally saw red; it means he was very angry.

The people reading your essay are educated and academically minded, probably watch similar movies and TV as you; they work grading essays like yours, and probably aspire to do something else besides just grading essays. These people will spend a short amount of time skimming–yes, skimming–your essay. They are trained to look for anything that stands out: common grammar errors, lapses in organization, or off-topic sentences. They are also trained to identify slang and idioms. Although the reader may use both in their daily lives, and you may use both in your daily life, you have to leave them out of your formal essays.

English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions

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Excessive usage canlead to unnecessary confusion in reader's mind. Also, you mustremember that all readers may not know the idiom well and may not beable to relate your usage in the particular context. So, you have tokeep in mind the target audience for whom you are writing the piece.

Understandably, you may want to invigorate your writing with an idiom or well-placed slang. The essay might seem dry or not a reflection of yourself. Writing like you speak might seem like a good way to win over your reader. But it’s not. Your reader will see these as immature and informal–as if you went to meet the queen in a Hawaiian shirt and a rainbow cape, burning paintings with your homemade spray-can flame thrower as you walk into the room. Not ideal. So save these expressions for your real friends. Don’t waste them on an essay grader. Just give them what they want.

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Idioms in yoursentences can add a lot of flavor and spice to your writing. It willbe engaging and fun to the reader. However, like all things in theworld, you must take care to strike a good balance between not usingidioms and using them excessively in your writing.

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It would seem that through this work a new genre has been born.
Reich speaks of the work as a "music documentary" (Reich discusses this in an interview on Channel 4 Different Trains, broadcast in the UK on 8th April, 1989) and anticipates many more examples of this style in the future. What is so revolutionary about the work is the fact that the human beings' speech intonation has become the libretto, which directly forms the music. Reich has "sampled" fragments from his interviews, and then meticulously notated the melodic line of the speech. Developments in music technology in the late 1980's enabled Reich to return to the root of music, namely, language. What Arnold Schoenberg attempted with "Sprechgesag" (music half-way between spoken words and melody, such as in "Pierre Lunaire", in 1911) merely foreshadows a previously undreamt of genre were diction and music could be inextricably bond together as one force. We might observe that such a form enables social "truths" to be exposed more accurately. Compositions such as "The Desert Music" and "Tehillium" (concerning the oppression of the Jews) betray Reich's inclination for depicting social and political issues in word setting. The American poet, William Carlos William (1883-1963) when writing "The Desert Music" sought to compose verse,
" ... that was closely matched to the idiom, to the rhythmic
cadences, of American speech".

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If you look in a dictionary you will find the meaning of "Slang" which is " very informal in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playfull, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language." Slang can be found in everywhere around the world because it is part of the colloquial language that people use everyday, the expressions that you use to communicate with others.

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