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Hanson, a drunken driving activist.

Another specific case cause by drunk driving is Jacqueline Saburido she and her three friends were driving home from a party, where they had not been drinking, and were hit by a drunk driver.

The best way to stop these bad habits is to practice using signs, indicate when turning, look out for speed limits, take along a designated driver, use lanes appropriately, eat at a restaurant or at home and use hands-free devices when necessary.

It is thought that drunk drivers have a long history of doing this and many prior arrests.

Despite this drunk driving is still very dangerous.

10,839 people will die in drunk-driving crashes this year – that is one death every 50 minutes.

Another piece of the report showed that drivers with changes in sleep schedules that hampered quality sleep, such as , nurses, and police officers, were exposed to a six percent higher risk of crashes. Drivers are advised to take a nap every couple of hours during a long drive, especially if operating on insufficient amounts of sleep.

All of these facts lead experts like Dr. Romano and Dr. Kleiman to believe that public resources are better spent combating drunken driving. Stoned driving, they say, is best dealt with by discouraging people from mixing marijuana and alcohol — a combination that is even riskier than alcohol alone — and by policies that minimize marijuana’s risk on the road.

If it was illegal to drink there would be less drunk drivers.

The data in the report was drawn from police-reported crashes in which a vehicle required a tow from the scene or emergency crews were summoned. Drivers in these wrecks were asked how much sleep they received over the past 24 hours.

Drunk driving is especially dangerous to young people, who seem to be more involved than others.

MADD also focuses on underage drinking and of course includes any and all people, whether fathers, sisters, grandparents, neighbors and friends, who work to “stop drunk driving and support the victims of this violent crime” (MADD, 2014).

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One common consequence of drunk driving is peer influences.

Many people drink and drive without thinking about the consequences.

In a way, the drunk driver had been lucky when he went through our yard, especially when we had just taken a gigantic walnut tree out of our yard two or three years prior....

Topic: Many of Today’s Drivers have Dangerous Habits

Of the respondents, 29 percent admitted to sending or receiving text messages while driving. Forty-seven percent of the drivers between 16 and 21 years old said they had made phone calls without a hands-free device, even though 63 percent of respondents admitted that doing so while driving was dangerous.

Essay on texting while driving SlidePlayer

Less than twenty minutes before this drunk driver went through our yard, my mom and I had been walking our dogs, and if the drunk driver had gone through any earlier, my mom and I both would have been hit.

Denniston Drunk Driving Speech Outline will be available on

Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society today, but it is becomming socially unacceptable causing the numbers of alcohol related traffic fatalites t o decline considerably....

Not everyone dies in a drunk driving accident.

Twenty percent of in the United States involved a drowsy driver, according to previous research. The new report hoped to uncover to what extent poor sleep had on a driver’s ability to perform safely on the roadways. Findings suggest that receiving only five to six hours of sleep could double the likelihood of a car crash compared to drivers who get seven or more hours of sleep.

Many of Today’s Drivers have Dangerous Habits

Despite the fact that both sides showcase decent evidence, only one brings hard-hitting facts that truly make a difference: the legal drinking age should not be lowered because it helps prevents youths from driving drunk, it helps prevent youths from committing violent crimes, and it helps prevent incomplete develop of the brain....

Driving while either intoxicated or drunk is dangerous and drivers

This may not seem like groundbreaking information, but would it surprise you to hear that drivers with only four or five hours of sleep had four times the crash rate of someone with seven or eight hours of sleep? For reference, are also four times as likely to be involved in a .

Very often, drunk drivers are speeding on

We want to take a stand and let the world know that we may be the 'land of the free and the brave' but there is nothing brave or free about driving drunk....

The time comes for a teenager to get their driving permit.

In Recent discussions of drunk driving, a controversial issue has been whether the driving while intoxicated laws should be increased due to the amount tax payers are paying for drunk driving crashes....

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